Devil’s Delight

Devil’s Delight Slot Features Multiple Bonuses

Slot fans looking for a tongue-in-cheek take on fiery devils, lost souls and all manner of Halloween-style spookiness are the target market for the Devil’s Delight title from NetEnt. The five reels with 20 pay lines are housed in a frame of hellish flames, and all the icons pay tribute to the occult theme.

Devil’s Delight’s major attraction, however, is the number of bonus features it offers. Apart from free spins rounds, an expanding Wild and a Bonus game on a separate screen, the player can also trigger a round of Sin Spins, which have substantial prize potential

Ten Ordinary Symbols in Play

Even the three poker symbols used in Devil’s Delight, the Q, K and A, are designed in keeping with the theme: they are carved on gravestones accompanied by spooky ravens, skulls or skeletal zombie hands. Prizes start with 3 coins for three Qs consecutively from Reel 1 on a pay line, and increase to 75 coins for five As.

The three medium-value symbols are drawn as tattoos against fiery backdrops: a skeletal hand rolling dice, a heart with devil horns, tail and wings, and the number of the beast, 666. The last symbol can win up to 150 coins.

There are four high-value symbols in Devil’s Delight, which win prizes for matches of two or better. The top prizes for five of a kind featuring the demon in a cauldron, the red devil with his pitchfork, the demon flame-grilling a sausage and the sexy lady devil dealing cards are 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 4,000 coins, respectively.

More Occult Inspiration among Special Symbols

The Devil’s Delight Wild is Lucifer himself; wearing corporate attire and smoking a fat cigar. He has a substitution function only, with no prize value for combinations with other Wilds. However, whenever a Wild substituting for another ordinary symbol to complete a winning pay line occurs on Reels 2, 3 or 4, the Wild expands to cover the whole reel. This can result in even more winning pay lines.

The Wild cannot substitute for the two other special symbols: the Bonus and the Scatter. The Scatter is a fiery pentagram, and three or more trigger a round of free spins. Two more Scatters on any of the free spins will trigger either extra free games, or add a multiplier of between X1 and X5 to all prizes won in the round.

The Bonus icon is a goofy-looking Death, with his robe and scythe. If three come up in any position after a spin, the player gets to play the Soul Winning bonus game on a separate screen.

Soul-O-Meter Triggers Sin Spins

In the Soul Winning game, the player is shown a street scene with five human characters. Down the left of the screen, five of the seven deadly sins are listed: pride, lust, sloth, greed, envy, wrath or gluttony. the player must try to match the right sin with the right character. If they get this right, the character dies in a black-humoured animation, and their soul is added to the Soul-O-Meter at the bottom of the screen.

Soul-O-Meter levels can be saved for up to 48 hours from the last spin, as players may need several bonus rounds to completely collect all 15 souls required to fill the Soul-O-Meter. When this happens, however, the player gets a bonus Sin Spins round: 10 free spins with the reels containing only the icons for the seven deadly sins, which increases the chances of matching combos. Prizes in this round are also higher: up to 5,000 coins.

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Deuces Wild Power Poker

Deuces Wild Power Poker from Microgaming

Microgaming was one of the first online casino games developers to start paying serious attention to video poker titles, and as a result have made loyal fans of many casino enthusiasts who enjoy this single-player version of the classic card pursuit. Deuces Wild Power Poker is one of the software brand’s popular video poker titles.

Like other Deuces Wild games, Microgaming’s Deuces Wild Power Poker plays on a 52-card deck with no Jokers. As the name indicates, however, the Deuces are Wild; and this means truly Wild. Some variations of video poker designate a card as semi-Wild, allowing it only to substitute for other cards only in certain combos; to complete four of a kind, a flush or a straight, for example. In Deuces Wild Power Poker, the Deuces can substitute for any other cards in any winning combo appearing on the pay table.

Play up to 100 Hands Simultaneously

The other feature of Deuces Wild Power Poker that attracts hard-core video poker aficionados is the availability of multi-hand play. Players can play up to 100 hands per deal, for an appropriately increased wager.

The player can also vary the number of coins bet per hand in Deuces Wild Power Poker. Many players find it advisable to play as many hands per deal as possible, even if budget constraints force them to play at lower stakes per hand. This is because of the strong variance in the pay table; playing 100 hands at a time gives the player the chance to score one or two of the top-paying combos more regularly than they can when playing fewer hands at higher stakes.

How Multi-Hand Play Works

Depending on the number of hands the player has selected, Deuces Wild Power Poker will deal the player up to 100 five-card hands at once. However, the hand at the bottom of the playing area is the only one the player has to worry about. All the other hands will be automatic duplicates of this hand at the end of the deal.

The player then chooses which cards to hold, and of course the held cards are also duplicated across all the hands in play. On the draw, the game replaces the discards with cards drawn from those remaining in a 52-card pack, with the RNG software selecting random cards from the same pool of 47 cards on each hand. Each of the hands in play is then assessed according to the pay table, and the player is paid out for all winning hands.

Deuces Wild Power Poker Pay Table

Unlike many video poker variants, Microgaming’s Deuces Wild Power Poker does not pay prizes for Pairs or Two Pairs. The qualifying poker combination is Three of a Kind, for which the player wins 5X the bet per hand, referred to as 5 coins for convenience. Deuces can substitute for other cards to turn a Pair into Three of a Kind, of course. Deuces can also substitute in a Straight or Flush, each of which pays 10 coins, a Full House for 15 coins, Four of a Kind for 20 coins, or a Straight Flush for 45 coins.

Five of a Kind wins 75 coins, a Royal Flush including Deuces win 225 coins, and Four Deuces has a special value: 1,250 coins. A natural Royal Flush still takes the top prize: 4,000 coins.

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Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild Multiplies Video Poker Winning Opportunities

Video poker now comes in all sorts of variants, each with special rules and special cards that win bigger prizes, allowing players to choose the games they feel have the luckiest odds. Deuces Wild is a version that goes all the way back to table poker games in cowboy saloons. It is now available in the single-player version against a random number generator at many online and mobile casinos.

Although it is played using a standard 52-card deck, as the name implies, Deuces behave like Jokers in Deuces Wild. The Deuces are truly Wild, meaning they can substitute for any other card in any poker combination, as opposed to some video poker variants in which designated cards are semi-Wild, meaning they only function as Jokers in specified combinations.

The Deuces Wild Pay Table

Deuces Wild pays prizes for Three of a Kind or better, and different versions from different game developers will all have their own personal tweaks to add to the pay table. Players can also choose to bet any number between 1 and 5 coins per hand, and the top prizes can increase dramatically when played at maximum bet.

Here is a list of the average wins in the pay tables of several Deuces Wild variants, based on a 5-coin bet:
– Natural Royal Flush pays 4,000 coins
– Four Deuces pays 1,000 coins
– Royal Flush including Deuces pays 125 coins
– Five of a Kind pays 75 coins
– A Straight Flush pays 45 coins
– Four of a Kind, excluding Four Deuces, pays 25 coins
– A Full House pays 15 coins
– A Flush pays 10 coins
– A Straight pays 10 coins
– Three of a Kind pays 5 coins

Players can Gamble Wins

Most video poker variants include a Double feature, and Deuces Wild is no exception. After a win, the player can choose to risk the entire prize, or half the prize, on a guessing game. Five cards are dealt, only one of them face-up. The player must choose one of the face-down cards, and hope it is higher than the card showing.

If it is not, the player loses however much of the win they risked. If the player wins, the amount risked is doubled, and the player can choose to try the Double again. The knack to this is to win the first Double. If that comes off, the player can then happily risk only half of the accrued amount on a second Double and continue as long as their luck holds out, knowing that the original prize amount is secure.

Multi-Hand Versions also Available

Multi-hand versions of video poker titles are also becoming more and more popular, as they allow players multiple shots at winning on every deal. In multi-hand Deuces Wild play, five cards are dealt from a deck of 52 and then duplicated across however many hands are being played. Cards the player chooses to discard are likewise discarded from all the hands in play, and each hand draws its replacement cards from an identical pool of 47 remaining cards in the deck, so theoretically, the player can end up with a number of identical hands.

In practice, more often the player will end up with several different winning combinations of varying value, but which can add up to impressive amount on some of the bigger multi-hand games. Multi-hand versions of Deuces Wild include options with 10, 25, 50 or even 100 hands at a time.

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Deuces Wild

Playtech’s Deuces Wild has Visual Appeal

Digital casino game developer Playtech seems to have adopted as its mission the quest to make video poker less drab. There are now several video poker variants like Deuces Wild available from Playtech, and the most arresting feature of all of them is the effort the developer has put into creating original artwork for each one, rather than presenting all its video poker variants on the same blocky template.

Playtech even tailors different versions of their video poker games with different logos on the card backs, according to the casino offering the game, which is a nice visual touch. The Deuces also bear a bold Wild across the face of the card, just to remind the player how valuable they are when players are choosing which cards to hold.

Poker against a Western Backdrop

For Deuces Wild, Playtech has settled for a Western theme, in keeping with the original Deuces Wild table poker game’s popularity in the saloons of the Wild West. The big difference between this game and the 19th-Century version, of course, is that the player won’t get shot for beating the dealer.

The pay table is set out in minimalist but clearly legible form at the top of the screen, flanked by a busty cowgirl and a desert backdrop, with the video poker hand played beneath it. Controls to adjust bets, deal and draw are located at the bottom of the screen.

Deuces Act as Jokers

Visual attractions aside, Playtech’s Deuces Wild plays like any other version of this video poker variant. The Deuces are truly Wild, not semi-Wild. This means they can substitute for any card to complete any combination on the pay table, not just the few combos that are available in video poker variants with a semi-Wild in play. As is common in Deuces Wild games, the Playtech version also pays an enhanced prize for Four Deuces in one hand.

Players can bet between 1 and 5 coins on each hand, but 5 coins is better, even if they have to adjust the coin denomination to afford it. This is because most of the prizes increase proportionally when more coins are played, but the top prize, for a natural Royal Flush, increases dramatically out of proportion when the fifth coin is played. After wins, players can also try to double the win, or risk just half the win, if they choose to gamble on a single high-card turnover. If they win, the double can be repeated; if they lose, the win, or half the win, is forfeited.

The Deuces Wild Pay Table

Playtech’s Deuces Wild does not pay wins for high-card hands, Pairs or Two Pairs. The player needs Three of a Kind or better to win a prize.

The complete Playtech Deuces Wild pay table, based on a 5 coin bet, is as follows:
Three of a Kind wins 5 coins
A Straight wins 10 coins
A Flush wins 15 coins
A Full House wins 20 coins
Four of a Kind, apart from Deuces, also wins 20 coins
A Straight Flush wins 45 coins
Five of a Kind wins 75 coins
A Royal Flush involving Deuces wins 125 coins
Four Deuces wins 1,000 coins
A natural Royal Flush wins 4,000 coins.

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Mobile Rugby Sports Betting

Mobile Rugby Sports Betting

Rugby is a sport that many people are passionate about. While the game originated in England, it is played all around the world and is considered a national sport in many commonwealth countries. If you are a rugby enthusiast, you may have thought about betting on a game. With mobile rugby sports betting, you can bet and win online directly from your smartphone or tablet. This means that you can bet on any local or international rugby match anywhere in the world. In the notes below, we are going to look at how rugby betting works and what are the most commonly placed bets.

How to Get Started Betting Online

If you are new to the world of mobile sports betting Australia, you may be wondering where to start. If you have your smartphone or tablet handy, you can get started with mobile rugby sports betting in no time. The first step is to sign up with a reputable online betting site. It is best to sign up with a site that offers multiple betting options, secure banking and 24-hour customer support.

Signing up is free and it only takes few minutes of your time. You can either sign up online or download the mobile betting app. One you have a registered account; you can then fund your online betting account using any number of payment options. All top-rated betting sites accept credit card payments, local bank transfer, debit card payments as well as web-wallet payments. once you have funds in your account, you can open the app or go online and start with mobile rugby sports betting.

What to Know Before you Bet

When it comes to betting, it is important to remember that rugby is a team sport and the performance of the team is entirely dependent on each player being at their strongest. Factors to consider before getting started with mobile rugby sports betting include where the game is being played, the fitness of the team, previous win records, home ground advantage and who is the coach.

Types of Mobile Rugby Bets

  • There are a number of bets that can be placed on each match. For novice bettors, the best way to start is with an outright win bet. This is a simple bet where a bettor must decide which team will win.
  • A more difficult bet to place is a total points bet. this is where the bettor must accurately predict the total score of the two teams at the end of the game.
  • Mobile rugby sports betting also includes a number of exotic bets. If you are a keen rugby enthusiast and you know the teams well, you can place a bet on which player will score the first try.
  • Bettors can also place a bet on which team will score first and which team will score the final try of the mach.
  • For major international competitions, online sports betting sites offer future bets where bettors can predict the winner of the series or competition. In the case of a world cup, bettors can predict who will be knocked out at which stage of the competition and who will be placed at the top of the log.
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The Gambler

Kenny Rogers the Gambler Slot

For a few decades now, Kenny Rogers, a popular singer and song writer has produced many well known songs that have hit the shores across the world. One of his most popular songs to do is ‘The Gambler’, it’s a well known song wherever you go, and being based on the gambling and the life of an avid casino player it comes to no surprise that IGT created a slot machine game based on  this song. It’s a 5 reel and 15 payline video slot machine game that have a few bonus features on offer.

The Gambler Look and Feel

This slot machine game doesn’t have a very theme-related background; in fact it’s set on what looks like a plain deep red velvet background. The reels are framed in gold and the Kenny Rogers-related symbols are lined up on a royal green background. The sound effects are indicative to a typical country-style tune with a few Kenny Rogers, the Gambler clips.

The visuals are crisp and clean, and tie in perfectly with the Kenny Rogers theme. The standard playing card symbols are present including the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The other theme-related symbols include the Kenny Rogers’s logo, Kenny Rogers’s profile, the Free Spin Express Train, Kenny Rogers wearing a blue hat, wearing a black hat; there are 3 gambler bonus symbols all depicting Kenny Rogers sitting in a slightly different position to the others.

How to Play the Game

There is a 300 credit maximum bet, with lower denominations accepted as well. Up to 20 casino credits can be played per line that you bet on. Choosing your bet size is simple and can be adjusted by clicking on the ‘bet per line’ button or the ‘select lines’ button.

Each winning combination has a different pay schedule. 2 or more of the same symbol will pay out a set amount of cash dependent on the symbol you’ve landed on. The Kenny Roger character symbols pay out the most, and the regular card style symbol pays out the least.

The Gambler Bonus Features

The Kenny Roger logo symbol is the wild symbol. The wild symbol can land anywhere on the reels and its job is to help replace any other symbol on the board to help create strong winning combinations. If you land with 5 Kenny Rogers logo symbols you can win up to 200 000 credits.

The scatter symbol is the Kenny Rogers profile symbol. 2 or more of these symbols will activate a multiplier, and any winning combinations landed on will be multiplied by the amount of the line bet. The Gambler Bonus game is activated when 3 gamble symbols appear on reels 2, 3 or 4. In this feature the screen will change and display 3 chips. You will need to select a chip and depending on which chip you select you will be rewarded with a certain number of hands. You will need to choose which hand is higher than the others by choosing whether to hold’em or fold’em. The final hand that you’re left with will reward you with a multiplier that will multiply you win by your initial bet amount.

The second bonus game is the Free Spin Express bonus and is activated when 5 Kenny Rogers’s logos as well as the Free Spin Express train symbol logos land on any of the paylines that you’ve selected to play on. You will need to choose between 2 boxcars and dependent on which one you select you could win up to 300 free spins.

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Bovada Casino

An Overview of Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino is an online gambling site established in 2011, and owned by Morris Mohawk Gaming Group Casinos. The casino is powered by the software developers Real Time Gaming, Betsoft, and Rival; with these developers providing the games and related software for the casino. Licenses for Bovada Casino are provided by Kahnawake Gaming Commission, a well-known online gaming regulator found within Canada.

Bovada Casino can be accessed by any device with a browser and an Internet connection, and the games provided can be played instantly, as long as the browser has Flash support. However, download options are available to players who wish to have access to games directly on their computer. The website and the games are provided in English, and any country has access to the site apart from Canada. All games on the site, as well as account creation, are only accessible for those who are over 18.

Bovada Casino Games

With over 200 games found within its library, Bovada Casino has a wide enough selection to keep players happy. A mixture of slots and table games are provided, as well as basic tutorials for each game for those new to the scene. Players can find Poker, Slots, Blackjack, Bingo, Baccarat, and many more popular online casino games.

Online live gaming is also an option, with such games as Poker being provided in real time, allowing players to enjoy gameplay with other people from around the world.

Betting on horse racing is also a viable option with Bovada Casino, and a racebook is provided for those interested.


Creating an account on the website will require personal information, as well as financial information if deposits and withdrawals are to be made. Players will notice that on any pages where personal or financial data is displayed, a small, blue padlock can be seen at the top of the page. This means that the page and all information sent and received is encrypted by SSL encryption algorithms. SSL is a standard certificate used on websites to ensure all data is secure. Furthermore, Bovanda Casino maintains a policy of never handing out any information to anyone who is not authorised to access to confidential information.

Banking Methods

All transactions done with Bovada Casino are done in US dollars, and funds can be deposited via MasterCard, Visa, and direct money transfers. For those looking to withdraw their money, cheque and fast bank transfer options are available.

Casino Support

Players looking to make enquiries or complaints, a 24-hour telephone service is available. The number is also completely toll-free.

Alternatively, an email system is provided, where a form is filled in with contact details and the nature of the enquiry, and the casino will contact the player when possible.

Casino Bonuses

The most prominent bonus is a welcome bonus, which is given to new players upon creating their new account. The bonus consists of match bonuses that depend on the type of game they deposit in to. Apart from the welcome bonus, players can expect to receive extra credit as they use the site, and This credit can then be used on other games found within Bovada Casino.

Bovada Casino Summary

Bovada Casino is a popular site that boasts a large library of games and access to sports betting. The site provides a safe environment for players, and support for a multitude of different platforms.

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PayDirt! Online Progressive Jackpot Slot

With its five-reel 25-payline online video slot, Realtime Gaming has cashed in on the highly popular trend of American-Gold-Rush-themed casino games. The PayDirt! progressive jackpot slot includes the full range of modern slot elements, including wild and scatter symbols as well as three different bonus features and an auto-play option.

Complete with a Southern-tawkin’ narrator and banjo soundtrack, PayDirt! comically recreates this golden prospecting era. The PayDirt! reels are set against the backdrop of an old-fashioned mine and are populated by a wide variety of theme-appropriate symbols, including miners, gold thief, dynamite, a donkey carting a trolley full of gold, pick axe, miner’s pan, and a big nugget of raw gold.

Hit PayDirt! with the Gold Nugget Symbol

The gold nugget serves as the PayDirt! wild symbol. Although the PayDirt! wild only appears on Reels 2 and 4, it can be very valuable when it does.

As the wild symbol, the gold nugget has the ability to stand in for any other PayDirt! symbol, except the scatter, to complete winning combinations on active paylines. In addition, all wins acquired with the help of a wild symbol are multiplied by three.

PayDirt! this Way! Scatter Symbol Wins

In PayDirt!, the scatter symbol is a wooden sign with the PayDirt! logo on it. As per online casino slot standard, the PayDirt! scatter symbol does not have to appear on an active payline, as long as there are two or more scatters on the reels at a time. PayDirt! scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet.

By landing three or more PayDirt! scatter symbols, players gain entry to one of the game’s three bonus features.

Three PayDirt! Bonus Features

As mentioned, when three or more PayDirt! scatter symbols appear on the reels, the player is presented with one of three different bonus features. Players must choose between three PayDirt! signs to determine which of these games they will play:

  • PayDirt! Gold Rush Bonus Feature

In the Gold Rush Bonus Feature, PayDirt! players are awarded 12 free spins, during which wild gold nugget symbols may appear on any reel – not just 2 and 4. These 12 free spins can be re-triggered if another three or more PayDirt! symbols are landed.

  • PayDirt! Gold Fever Bonus Feature

Although the PayDirt! Gold Fever Bonus Feature only awards five free spins, the third reel is made up completely of wild symbols during these free spins. These free spins can also be re-triggered.

  • PayDirt! Strike it Lucky Bonus Feature

Unlike the other two bonus features, Strike it Lucky does not immediately present free spins. PayDirt! players must first choose from five different gold mines to reveal a bonus symbol, which may include the chance to pick again.

Players are then awarded 10 free spins, during which all bonus symbols are instantly converted to gold nugget wilds. These 10 free PayDirt! spins can also be re-triggered.

Betting Range and Jackpots

PayDirt! players may wager just one coin per payline but may adjust coin values, which range from 0.01 to 5.00 credits, for a maximum bet per spin of 25.00 credits.

The top two jackpots are 30 000 and 7 500 coins, which are achievable only with four of a kind plus a gold nugget. The most valuable symbol is the mine, which, in combination with the wild, yields the largest PayDirt! payout.

The PayDirt! slot also has a progressive jackpot, which can be triggered randomly at any time. Depending on how long it has been standing without anyone claiming it, the PayDirt! progressive jackpot can become quite large.

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Mr Smith, Betsson

Mr Smith Online Casino

Betsson AB is a Swedish-based company that is involved in online gambling in several different ways and through several different products. It subsidiaries are all based in Malta and collectively serve the largest online gambling community in the world. After acquiring brands from around the globe and growing steadily, Betsson AB was upgraded to the NASDAQ Stockholm Large Cap List on 1 January 2015. One of the group’s subsidiaries, the BML Group Ltd., owns and operates the Mr Smith casino.


Mr. Smith is themed on Cool Britannia, with a Boston Terrier and British flag as some of the main motifs on the site. Before being rebranded in this way in 2014, the casino was known as Harry Casino. Both incarnations used the same collection of top-rated platforms to give players a wide selection of quality casino games. Contributing studios include Microgaming, NetEnt, Cryptologic, Playtech, GTS and Quickfire. The casino can be accessed via any web browser, and the application can also be downloaded for Android, iOS, Windows and other handsets to ensure smooth gameplay.


There are more than 150 entertainments on offer at Mr Smith, organised into Table, Slots, Live Casino, Jackpots and Other Games and listed alphabetically for easy navigation. They can all be played for real money or, for relaxation or practice, for free as well. Players can choose from high-standard versions of Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Video Poker, Scratch Cards, Keno and Blackjack as well as several spinning reels games like Cleopatra, Siberian Storm and Gonzo’s Quest. The Slots are further divided into themed categories, which makes it even easier for players to find the ones best suited to them, including Horror, Sci-Fi and High Rollers.


Like every Betsson site Mr Smith offers a range of bankroll-boosting promotions, starting with generous sign-up rewards. Later promotions should keep regular players happy, and they change regularly so the best thing to do is check what is on offer with every visit. As always, it’s important to check the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to anything, but if managed properly they really can take winnings to the next level.


With a range of deposit methods including Neteller, Visa, Paysafe Card, Skrill, EntroPay and MasterCard, everyone’s needs should be easily accommodated at the casino. Payouts are known to be smooth and fast, which players should really appreciate, and withdrawal options are the same as those for deposits


Dedicated Customer Service Liaisons can be contacted via email, online web form, live chat and telephone 24 hours a day, so players should be able to get back to their games very quickly when issues arise. Being able to choose how to access these services also helps improve overall experiences.

Endorsements and Licensing

With all of its subsidiaries based in Malta, it’s not surprising that Betsson’s holdings are all registered and licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. This includes the Mr Smith casino, which is also regularly tested for randomness and fairness in all of the games on offer. With an endorsement by GamCare as well, players can rest assured that their best interests are being looked after at Mr. Smith.

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Play with Germany’s Finest Operators

Play with Germany’s Finest Operators at leading Online Casinos

For German casino fans, online casinos offer significant advantages that land based casinos simply cannot compete with. For starters, online casinos can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile device. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting at home on the couch or travelling overseas, you will always be able to access your favourite casino games from anywhere in the word.

Online casinos give players the opportunity to play with Germany’s finest operators and win real cash online anytime anywhere. Online casinos offer players unlimited free casino games without needing to make a deposit or even sign in. This means players can play all their favourite slots and casino games for as long as they like without worrying about spending money.

Accessing German and European Online Casinos

If you want to play with Germany’s finest operators at the best European online casinos, it’s easy to get started. All you need to do is log onto any one of Germany’s top-rated online casinos and click on the instant play button. Alternatively you can download the casino software to your PC or Mac computer for a more comprehensive casino experience.

If you want to play on your smartphone or tablet, the good news is that all top-rated European online casinos have dedicated mobile web pages for all their mobile customers. If you would like to download the mobile casino app, you can logon to your favourite mobile casino and click on the download link. The mobile casino app will automatically download to your tablet or smartphone. Once the app has been downloaded to your device, you will be able to access all your favourite casino games and play with Germany’s finest operators straight away.

Play For Free or For Real Money

One of the biggest advantages of playing casino games online is being able choose between playing for free or for real money at any given time. Playing for free can be extremely fun and it is a great way to hone your skills on complex casino games like poker and baccarat. But if you feel like you want to try your luck and win some real money, you can always swap over to playing for real money at any given time.

European online casinos make it really easy to start playing for real money. All you need to do is click on the banking section and make an instant casino deposit whenever you want. Deposits can be made via debit card, credit card, bank transfer or via any number of e-wallet payment systems. Once you have funds in your online casino account you can play with Germany’s finest operators for real money straight away.

Choose From Hundreds of Games

For German casino enthusiasts the best thing about playing online games is being able to try out many different European online casinos. Since most of the online casino games can be played for free without needing to sign up, players can simple log onto any European online casino and play with Germany’s finest operators. Players can enjoy a wide variety of casino games where they can get a real feel for the games and the casino itself before deciding to sign up and play for real money.

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