Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II Online Slot

Anyone around for the 90s cultural/childhood phenomenon that was video gaming will appreciate Amaya Games’ release of Street Fighter II, an online slot that incorporates and displays a great deal of the classic video game with the same name, including poor graphics.

This game is played out over 5 reels and up to 25 paylines, with a handful of bonus features offering bigger chances at winning. Some of the bonus features will be nothing new to an experienced player, such as wild symbols, while others include an unlikely twist.

Street Fighter II can be played at a number of online and mobile casinos worldwide, with free as well as real money play available at a host of them.

Theme and Graphics

The theme for this particular slot game is one that expresses a hearty tribute to the Street Fighter II video game, with players even prompted to pick their preferred fighter before beginning the game.

That said, the graphics, unfortunately, follow suit and display relevant imagery that looks as though it was rendered in the early 90s, and quite possibly on a sketch pad. If anything, this slot can be commended for a consistent theme rather than an attractive interface.


Players are presented with an uncomplicated interface in the Street Fighter II slot games, with fairly simple design allowing players to easily navigate their way through gameplay.

All action buttons have been placed below the reels and allow players to control & play the mobile casino game to their preference, allowing players to alter the number of lines, change their bets, spin the reels and more.

Players have the option to play up to 25 paylines, bearing in mind that more lines played result in bigger payouts, as well as bets ranging from as little as 0.01 to as much as 20.00 coins per line.

Street Fighter II Symbols

The symbols found in the Street Fighter II slot games are consistent with the theme and display imagery of boxing gloves, weapons and more.

There are higher value, lower value and special symbols in this game, with the low-value symbols displaying playing card icons such as Ace King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 and the high-value symbols displaying the weapons and gloves, as well as a skull necklace and spiked bracelets.

The special symbols in this particular game are the fighting characters which act as wilds and trigger the bonus game.

Street Fighter II Feature

at the beginning of the game, players are prompted to pick one of the available characters to fight for the duration of the game. However, their fight will, in fact, be to substitute for all other symbols in the game.

This essentially means that the fighter picked in the beginning of the game will be the wild symbol and aid in completing winning combinations as well as triggering the additional bonus game.

Bonus Game

When a player’s chosen fighter appears on the 2nd reel and Bison (the enemy) lands on the 4th reel, the bonus game will be triggered, those 2  reels will expand and become completely wild.

During this feature, the 1st and 5th reels will contain 4 new symbols including boots, fists, boots and fists and a star (signature move), which will essentially determine the fighter’s next move.

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Spinning 7’s

Spinning 7’s Online Slot

One of the many online slots to join the extensive list that Amaya Games holds, Spinning 7’s is a video slot machine that offers players something of a blast from the past, combined with top quality graphics and contemporary gameplay.

This game is played out over 5×3 reels, with 20 paylines and a generous amount of bonus features that promise all player additional winning opportunities. Among the bonus features are wilds, stacked symbols, transforming symbols, a streak breaker bonus and free spins.

Spinning 7’s has essentially been made available online and on compatible mobile devices at a number of casinos around the world, providing the ultimate in casino gaming convenience.


Players new to Spinning 7’s who prefer to get a feel for a game beforehand will be pleased to know that a wide range of online and mobile casinos offer both free and real money play.

Players have the option of choosing a bet of either 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100, by clicking one of the buttons below the reels, with the credit value arrows just to the left and offering a range of 0.02 to 5.00 credits.

Theme and Symbols

As briefly mentioned before, the theme for the Spinning 7’s slot game is one of a rather classic nature, while modern elements are included to provide enjoyable gameplay.

Thus, while the symbols in the game display classic imagery of traditional fruit slots, great graphics and elements such as the backdrop that give the impression that the reels have been submerged under water.

The symbols also display great graphics in various well-rendered fruits, as well as classic symbols such as Bars, Double Bars, Triple Bars and 7s. Other (special) symbols include a wild Bell symbol, the red Stacked 7’s and the silver Bonus symbol.

Spinning 7’s Feature

The Spinning 7’s symbols that appear throughout the base game can appear stacked on the reels, meaning they will cover every position on the reel that it lands on. Additionally, this symbol also has the ability to transform into another.

Thus, once the symbol has expanded over the entire reels the 7’s will all transform into the same (randomly picked) symbol and offer an extra chance to bring in big wins if landed in the right place.

Streak Breaker

There is an additional feature that can be used throughout the base game should the player so wish. This bonus feature is known as the Streak Breaker function, which pays out for every 5 consecutive non-winning spins.

The Streak Breaker bonus does require players to forfeit a little more with every spin, however, each non-winning spin will reward a gold coin, found on the right of the reels.

Spinning 7’s Free Spins Feature

The free spins feature in this game is triggered when a player lands 3 or more of the silver Bonus symbols anywhere in view, in a single spin. More scatters will result in players being rewarded with more free spins.

Therefore, landing 3 with reward 15 free spins, while landing 4 or 5 will bring in 20 or 30 free spins respectively. In addition, a random multiplier will be given for every spin, which can be seen on the left-hand side of the screen.

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Spin ‘n Win

Spin ‘n Win Online Slots

Amaya Games has released a number of online slot games that feature a tasteful combination of both traditional and contemporary slots, with regards to theme, layout and gameplay.

The Spin ‘n Win slots are somewhat reminiscent of the wheel-spinning television game shows that were so popular during the 80s and 90s. The game is played out over the classic 3 reel setup, with just 1 payline and a number of additional features to benefit from.

Spin ‘n Win is available at a number of online and mobile casinos worldwide, with free play available for players who wish to get a practice game in before risking any real money.

Theme and Design

Amaya Games has truly tried to create a quality combination of old and new and has done so successfully, with the entire game set in what can only be an 80s television game show while still boasting great graphics.

The reels are actually set within the wheel of fortune, while a young, beautifully dressed hostess stands just to the right to spin the reels and encourage players on to bigger wins.

The developers have even gone so far as to design the action buttons below the reels to look like classic slot machine buttons. These ultimately allow players to control the game by changing their bets and spinning the reels.

Spin ‘n Win Symbols

There is a range of different symbols in the Spin ‘n Win slot game and players should preferably make themselves aware of which are higher or lower in value and which have special significance.

Just about every symbol displays a tribute to classic fruit machines, with the lower value displaying single and double Bar symbols and piles of cash and the higher value symbols displaying triple Bars, 7 Bars and 7’s.

The Spin ‘n Win logo is special and is the game’s wild symbol, while the symbol displaying the red 5 is a multiplying wild and the symbol displaying the word spin only will award 1 bonus spin.

5 Times Pay

Players will notice that the symbol displaying a red 5 is in actual fact a wild and a multiplier. Thus, while the Spin ‘n Win slot games don’t appear to offer a great deal in bonus features, players can still bring in some considerably generous prizes.

The 5 Times Pay symbol not only has the ability to substitute for all other symbols (excluding special symbols), but it can also award a player with as much as 5 times a player’s stake.

Spin ‘n Win Bonuses

The special symbols in the Spin ‘n Win slot games can seem fairly confusing at first, with similar imagery used in each one. However, it doesn’t pose too big a problem, with the Spin ‘n Win logo wild having the exact same functions as the 5 Times Pay symbol.

What players should hope to land is the Spin ‘n Win logo wild and the 5 times Pay symbol at the same time and have them form a winning combination with at least 1 other symbol. In this case, players will be rewarded with 25 times their payline win.

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Mad Pinatas

All About Mad Piñatas Online Slots

Mad Piñatas online slot by Leander Games is a twenty five payline and five reel slot with bonus features and a ten thousand times jackpot. This slot has an artistic theme that reflects the fun, celebratory tradition of bursting candy-filled piñatas. One is not likely to find a more bright, loud and colourful theme than the one presented in Mad Piñatas. The background of this slot is an idyllic scene. The player can see a clean street and sidewalks surrounded by lush green grass, tall trees, and brightly coloured houses. The sky is blue and dotted with puffy white clouds. It’s really the perfect setting to have a piñata busting party and a great match for this slot.

The reels itself are very unique in that is actually made out of a piñata. If the player looks closely, they will see two hands and two feet at the bottom left, bottom right, top left and top right sides of the reels. At the top, there are two white eyes with black pupils and quite stern looking eyebrows. The body of the piñata itself is made up of purple, teal, red and yellow paper mache. Just like real piñatas, there are different designs and patterns on the reel.

Betting Options and AutoSpin Feature

Under the reels, the player can see some betting options as well as general info and play buttons. The player’s lines and bet per line can be adjusted via the white up and down buttons. There is also an autoplay button and the player can select how many autospins they would like to use before stopping for a rest. The player’s total bet and total win is also displayed alongside the general info and spin buttons.

Mad Piñatas Symbols

Symbols for Mad Piñatas are a mix of the candy you’d find in piñatas, the potential instruments you could use to break them open and the piñatas themselves. From least valuable to most valuable, these candy symbols include multi-coloured hard candy, a rainbow lollipop, a candy cane and a chocolate bar.

The implements for breaking the piñatas open are a bit more unusual than the candy selection. They include an aluminium bat, a cutlass sword, a medieval mace, and a chainsaw. The final three normal symbols are a blue parrot with a yellow beak, an orange and black pig and a smiling multi-coloured dog. The wild symbol in this slot is a giant metal piñata and there is also a wooden box with a pink background that serves as a bonus.

Mad Piñatas Bonus Features

If the player manages to land three of the wooden box bonus symbols on reels one, three and five then they will unlock the piñata time bonus. In this three-stage bonus, the player will pick a weapon to break the piñata, pick one piñata per reel, and smash them to show random multipliers.

In order to activate the free spins bonus round, the player must land three piñatas on the reels on which they have placed the three piñata sticks. If they match up three piñatas with three sticks, they are given ten free spins.

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Mad Mad Monkeys

Mad Mad Monkeys Slots to Go Bananas For

Mad Mad Monkeys online casino slot by Microgaming is a fifty payline and five reel slot with a one thousand times jackpot. Bets per payline for this slot range from one cent to ten cents and total bet per spin can range from one cent to five dollars.

The art style used in Mad Mad Monkeys online casino slot is a cartoon style that utilises a very bright and vibrant colour scheme. As the whole thing is set in the jungle and involves bright fruits and animals, this style fits the slot perfect and lends itself to a feeling of carefree enjoyment for the player.

On the Reels

Behind the reels, the player can see a dense jungle scene. There are many different types of large, green plants with wide leaves and touches of colourful flowers. Above the reels, the player can see a thick forest canopy where very little sunlight is managing to pierce through. Long jungle vines can be seen strung from tree to tree and no doubt make the stars of this slot, the monkey, quite pleased. While slightly less cartoonish and more realistically drawn, the jungle setting doesn’t have a foreboding overtone and still makes for the ideal setting for this slot.

The reels themselves are surrounded by a wooden border that has vines creeping over it. As one can imagine, monkeys like to keep plenty of bananas around, so there are two bunches sitting at the top of the reels to the right and left of the slot title. Sticking its head above the reels is a brown monkey with his lips puckered. Below the reel, the player is given some betting options as well as some additional information. The number of paylines they player decides to play, with a maximum of fifty, can be adjusted via the up and down arrows. Max can also be selected with one click of the mouse. The same goes for the player’s bet per line. The player’s total bet, balance and win are all displayed at the bottom of the reels as well.

Mad Mad Monkeys Symbols

Mad Mad Monkeys symbols include a mix of some classic slot symbols and different animals and foods one might find in the jungle. From least valuable to most valuable, these symbols include a ten, jack, queen, king, and ace. After the classic slot symbols there is also a bunch of peanuts, two coconuts, an orange snake, a multi-coloured bird and a peeled, yellow banana.

The grinning monkey serves as the wild and doubles any prize won. The scatter symbol is a waterfall symbol with the title of the slot on it.

Bonus Features

The monkey wild is actually stacked on reels two, three and four. This can mean big wins if the player is lucky enough to land a winning combination.

There is also a free spins bonus feature that activates when the player lands three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The player is then awarded ten free spins and all wins during this round are tripled.

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Lucky Lager

Lucky Lager Online Slots Review

Lucky Lager slot by Amaya gaming takes one of the world’s oldest and most treasured past times and puts it into the digital space. This twenty five line and five reel slot features a jackpot that pays seven hundred and fifty times their player’s initial bet.

The art style presented in Lucky Lager is a roughly realistic cartoon style. The idea is to take the feeling of a bar scene and transport it straight on to the screen. Amaya uses a colour palette that those who frequent Irish pubs might be quite familiar with. Mixes of gold, green and wood grain make up the majority of screen with splashes of brighter colours from the beer bottles and various bar items that are lying around the area.

Slots Game Look and Feel

The background for this slot looks to be the area behind the bar at a popular pub. The player can see several different types of bottled beer, each in their own unique bottle and colour scheme, sitting on three shelves. There is also a large box of beer in the bottom right corner. There are also three draft taps that line the top of the reels right in front of the name of slot, Lucky Lager.

To the left and the right of the reels, the player can see the paylines displayed in silver bottle cops with different coloured numbers. Below, they are given several options when adjusting their betting as well as some additional information. The player’s lines and bet can be adjusted via the green up and red down arrows next to their respective numbers. There is also a bet max button for quick betting as well as an autoplay button. The player can choose how many spins they would like to use the autoplay for before it stops.

At the very bottom, the player can see their total balance, total paid and total bet.

Lucky Lager Slot Symbols

The symbols in this slot are a mix of traditional symbols with a beer themed twist as well as beer related symbols. From least valuable to most valuable, these symbols include a nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace all of which are placed on beer caps.

The other symbols are a six pack of beer, a lot of kegs, and a beer maiden. In addition to these symbols, there is also a wild which is a glass of beer, a bonus symbol which is a dart board and free games symbol which is a neon sign.

Lucky Lager Bonus Features

This slot has three bonus features. They are the expanding wilds, the dart board bonus and free spins. In order to access the free spins, the player must land at least three of the neon sign symbols. This will award ten spins.

The dart board bonus game is activated by landing three of the dart board symbols on reels two, three or four. The player is then given prizes based on if their thrown darts hit the bull’s eye.

The final bonus is expanding wilds. If a wild symbol lands on reels two, three or four, all of the symbols above it will turn wild.

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Lucky 7 Blackjack

Lucky 7 Blackjack

Lucky 7 Blackjack by Amaya games plays just like a regular game of blackjack but has one bonus feature that normal blackjack does not. This comes in the form of a side bet. This will be discussed later in the article.

The art style used in Lucky 7 Blackjack is meant to mimic a real life blackjack table at a brick and mortar casino. As the player loads up the game for the first time, they are greeted with a friendly voice prompting them to place their bets. This is similar to the experience of playing blackjack at a physical casino and having a real dealer running the game.

The table itself is outlined by a black leather runner on the very outside of the table followed by a golden border and finally a straight grained mahogany runner. The table itself is a bright green and there is a nice gradient fade to indicate a light source above the table. There are three clusters of circles on the table. The middle cluster, which has the word bet in the bigger circle and seven in the smaller circle, is normally where the player could actually place their various bets. What’s different about this game from some other casino table games is the player can put bets on multiple hands at the same time. This means the player can place bets in any one of the six circles available.

Above the betting area, the player can see a banner with the words “insurance pays 2 to 1”. Above this, the player can see “Dealer must draw to 16 and stand on 17” as well as “Lucky 7 Blackjack Pays 3 to 2”.


In order to start Lucky 7 Blackjack, the player can place bets on any or all of the six places on the table made available. These are marked by either the word bet or the number seven. The player can select which chip they would like to use by selecting it in bottom right corner of the screen.

Once the player has placed their bet, they will then hit the deal button. The player is then given two cards face up and the dealer is given two cards with one face up. The player is then given the option to hit, stand or double down. After they have selected, the dealer’s second card is shown and they either hit or stand. Whoever gets closest to 21 without going over wins the hand. The blackjack hand goes to the dealer if they have an ace showing and the player stays in the round.

Side Bet

The side bet in this game has different payouts based on the first card dealt. If the first card dealt is a seven, the bet is paid at three to one. If the first two cards are unsuited sevens, the bet pays twenty five to one. If they are suited sevens, it pays fifty to one.

These bets pay out different amounts for different combinations all the way to the first four cards dealt are suited sevens. This bet pays five hundred to one.

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Double The Devil HTML5

Classic Reeled Double The Devil HTML5 Slot

The name of this slot may be rather misleading since the only real thematic aspects that have any link to the ruler of hell are the backdrop and a single Scatter bonus symbol. That being said this Double The Devil HTML5 online slot from Amaya Games is still one worth beholding as the remainder of the theme targets the classic style of slot machine gaming, including the fun and simple gameplay within. On the graphics side of things this slot game also went for the simpler route, with a decent backdrop, a few easily identifiable symbols on the reels and an overall pleasant atmosphere.

Taking a slightly more critical look at the game yields the fact that there are 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols with an array of 20 fixed pay lines. Beyond this there is a medley of betting options available that allows a broad spread of players’ access to these reels. On the more pragmatic side of things, there are a few bonus features in this Double The Devil HTML5 online slot that include the likes of a highly rewarding Wild symbol and even a devilish free spins feature. All in all this game just might not be the hell it’s cracked up to be.

Sentenced to Hell on the Reels

The theme that Amaya Games have bestowed upon this Double The Devil HTML5 slot is rather a bold choice, given the acclaim the protagonist of this slot has in the real world. That being said, as soon as players open up this online slot game they’ll find that the presence of devilish features is notable lacking and the more identifiable theme present on the reels is that of a more classic slot machine gaming style, with the bells, 7’s and cherries to boot. This also identifies with the more fundamental graphics employed, the bonus feature structure and of course the background sound effects. All told though, the backdrop does a have a slightly formidable flicker of flame coming up around the lower edges of the reels, so there is still a little devil in here.

Speaking of miniature Beelzebub, one of the more influential symbols in this Double The Devil HTML5 online slot is a notable cute looking devil, which finds itself alongside symbols like bags of cash, bells, cherries, various 7’s and even a range of playing card symbols all placed quite effectively on the reels.

Hellish Slot Bonuses in this Online Game

Even hell requires a few bonus features, to get the pot stirring so to speak. In Double The Devil HTML5 Amaya Games have included a couple of the more popular bonus features onto the reels. The first of these is the Red 7 Wild symbol, which can of course substitute for other symbols on the reels. However this symbol has an additional benefit, a large jackpot bonus, which dramatically more valuable if players are playing at the maximum bet.

The free spins feature of this online Double The Devil HTML5 slot is triggered through the Scatter bonus, which is the aforementioned mini devil symbol. Land 2 or more of these to trigger some free spins, which get progressively more abundant the more triggering symbols there are, ending with 5 for 60 free spins.

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Use Massive Casino Bonuses on RTG Titles at Prism Casino

Use Massive Casino Bonuses on RTG Titles at Prism Casino

Prism Casino is a popular online casino that has been in operation since 2002. Powered by Real Time Gaming casino software, the casino itself is licenced and registered in Costa Rica. While the casino does accept players from around the world, the site is geared up for US Players with US Dollars being the main currency. The casino is known for offering lucrative casino bonuses with the tag line “Use massive casino bonuses on RTG titles at Prism Casino.” The main website is easy to use with quick links to downloads, banking, promotions and casino games.

Online or Instant Play Platforms

When it comes to accessibility, Prism Casino offers players multi-platform access including a fully downloadable casino option. The full Real Time Gaming casino software can be installed on all leading PC or Mac computers. The casino also offers an instant play option where players can logon from anywhere in the world and use massive casino bonuses on RTG titles at Prism Casino. The flash casino can be accessed from all computer and mobile web browsers with hundreds of gaming titles to choose from.

Slots and Table Games

Prism Casino houses a massive range of casino games in all shapes and sizes. As a RTG casino, players will find all the latest high quality video slot games as well as classic slots and progressive slot games. Players can use massive casino bonuses on RTG titles at Prism Casino to play and win real money at home or overseas. The casino also houses a full range of card and table games including poker, blackjack, pai gow, baccarat, sic bo, craps, pontoon, 3 card poker, casino war as well as electronic games like video poker and keno.

Banking Options at Prism Casino

All of the games at Prism Casino can be played for free or for real money at any time. For players that do want to play online roulette for real money and use massive casino bonuses on RTG titles at Prism Casino, the site offers a full range of banking options to choose from. Players can fund or top up their casino account by debit card, by credit card, by local bank transfer or by web-wallet payment. In terms of security online, the casino runs the latest digital encryption software to ensure that all online transactions are 100% secure. When it comes to cashing out, the casino offers fast, hassle free withdraw options to suit every player.

Casino Promotions and Bonuses

When it comes to playing for real money, players can use massive casino bonuses on RTG titles at Prism Casino as soon as they sign up. Players who make their very first casino deposit will be rewarded with a welcome package that includes a cash match casino bonus of up to 100% or more. For players that regularly log on and play for real money, the casino offers ongoing casino promotions where players can win free spins on the latest slot games, random casino giveaways as well as entry into exclusive online casino tournaments held at the casino itself.

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Untamed Wolf Pack

Untamed Wolf Pack Online Slot Overview

Untamed Wolf Pack is a high quality online video slot game powered by Microgaming. The game itself is part of the popular Untamed series that includes the Untamed Bengal Tiger and the Untamed Giant Panda. The theme of this game is all about a family of wolves with images of the majestic wolves in their natural habitat. As with the other games in the series, the graphics are high quality with basic animation with immersive background music to set the mood. Set against a backdrop of a rocky mountainside, the game uses high energy sound effects whenever a winning combination is achieved.

5-Reel Slot with 243 Ways to Win

Along with the other games in the series, the Untamed Wolf Pack slot is based on the popular slot setup of 5 spinning reels with 243 ways to win. In this game, players can set the number of coins bet per payline. When it comes to the reel symbols, players will find various images of the wolves and their prey. The highest paying symbols include a close-up of a mother wolf, an image of wolf cubs, grazing deer and a beautiful mountainside. The lower paying symbols feature the classic high card symbols that have been styled and designed to blend into the theme of the game.

Game Logo Wild with Collect a Wild Feature

The Wild symbol in Untamed Wolf Pack is the game logo itself. As a Wild, it can be used to substitute for all the other game symbols with the exception of the peeking eye Scatter symbol. Along with the standard Wild, the game also includes the Collect a Wild feature. This is where a small meter appears on the bottom of each reel. Each time a Wild symbol lands on the reel, it fills up part of the meter. When four Wilds fill the meter, the entire reel will turn Wild for a total of four spins, giving players a chance of creating more winning opportunities.

Scatter Symbol Lucky Nudge Feature

The Scatter symbol in the Untamed Wolf Pack slot game is the peeking eye symbol. This symbol is the key to activating the free spins bonus round. To trigger the bonus round, players must land 3 or more peeking eye Scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels. The game also includes a Lucky Nudge feature. This is where a bonus Scatter symbol can be nudged onto the reels from above or below to help trigger the bonus round.

Free Spins with Running Wilds

In the Untamed Wolf Pack free spins bonus round, players are awarded 20 free spins. To add to this, the game includes Running Wilds. This is where the Wild stacks will grow by one symbol on each consecutive free spin during the round. By the end of the round, the stacks of Wilds will be high enough to create multiple winning opportunities. As with the other games in the series, the game also includes the popular Your Gamble feature. This is where players can actually set the gamble odds for the gamble feature after any line win. By turning the dial, players can increase or decrease the odds of winning or losing the bet.

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