Bullion Bars Classic Online Slot Machine

Bullion Bars Classic Online Slot Machine Game

Created by Novomatic Gaming, Bullion Bars classic online slot machine is certainly a firm favorite amongst many online players. It has become so popular because the basics of playing this slots game are simple, but it still offers good quality entertainment to players. In addition, the prizes, as well as the main jackpot, are always enough of an incentive to at least try out this slots game. No download is required in order to play the game, as Bullion Bars Classic Online Slot Machine can be played directly from the internet browser on your computer. Because no download is required, players can start playing without having to wait for software to install, and the complications that often come with these installations.

For new players in particular who just want to try out the game, it is available for play in free or no deposit mode. As the name suggests, players do not need to make any sort of deposit in order to play this version of the game. Of course, because the credits being used are not real money credits, players will typically not be eligible to win any of the real money jackpots. Once a player is comfortable with the game, they will need to make a deposit into a virtual account in order to play the real money version. However, once playing the real money version, a player will then be eligible to win some of the real money prizes.

Learn the Bullion Bars Slots Symbols

Many classic elements have been included in the Bullion Bars Classic Online Slot Machine. These symbols include items such as gold bullion bars, as well as star sand bars. For full details on all the symbols, as well as what symbols need to be matched up, players can easily refer to the paytable that goes along with the game. This will also indicate to players what prizes can be won by matching up particular symbols on the reels.

Bullion Bars Classic online slot machine offers two bonus features to players, which are activated while playing the normal version of the game. The first of these is known as the Gamble feature. This bonus feature is available to players once the reels have stopped spinning. A player can select the gamble feature, which will open up a new window. In this screen, players have a 50% chance of being able to double their winnings, but with the risk of also losing those winnings. The use of this feature really depends on what type of player you are, and your appetite for risk.

Bullion Bars Streak Bonus

The other bonus feature is known as the bullion streak bonus feature. This is a firm favorite amongst players of the Bullion Bars classic online slot machine. In order to activate this bonus, players need to get the bar streak and bar to line up on any of the active winning lines. As soon as the feature is triggered, the reels will begin to continuously spin, and give the player various different winning combinations. As soon as a non-winning combination is revealed, this bonus feature will be ended.

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